Dog Paralyzed With Fear Learns What Love Is
  • 01.12.2023
  • 20

He waited his whole life to know what it felt like to be loved Seeing his tail wag after being in fear for so long is a job well done!

I found an abandoned puppy in the dark , I adopted him
  • 01.12.2023
  • 7

This puppy, probably the fastest runner he's ever run in his life, was the cutest thing I saw today! How this little guy can make me laugh as he runs, but it also breaks my heart to think of him being all alone. What a sad scene! It's heartbreaking to see him so alone and helpless.

Mother Stray Dog Blocks Road, Begs For Food For Children In Cave
  • 01.12.2023
  • 94

This dog mother going out in search of food for her puppies is a great example, admirable, let's learn from them and help them have a good quality of life. An extraordinary challenge, ❤

No one puts Sasha in the back seat
  • 30.11.2023
  • 192

Sasha ( 3 year old) Black and Tan Miniature Dachshund loves going for car rides, but hates sitting in her car seat in the back all by herself. She actually really loves car rides! We recently went on a trip ( an hour away) and she slept in the back seat with her seat belt on the entire time, with out any cries. She also goes on plenty of short trips without any problematic behaviour. She has only done this a couple of times. It really isn't as "bad" as you are making it out to be. The times that she has cried have been because she cannot see out the window. She has a booster seat where she can see out of the window and she does not cry

Dachshund Vs. Penguin
  • 30.11.2023
  • 125

Dachshund decision-making process: WHAT IS THIS? -> I DON'T KNOW -> RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIAC.

  • 26.11.2023
  • 516

Meet the top 10 most loving dog breeds in the world. If you want a loving dog, here are the best alternatives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -LABRADOR RETREIVER -CHIHUAHUA -BOXER -NEWFOUNDLAND -PUG -BICHON MALTESE -GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG -DACHSHUND -ENGLISH BULLDOG -YORKSHIRE TERRIER

I would die laughing for these dogs
  • 24.11.2023
  • 671

Do you think that when dogs are with humans for a long time, they learn to act like the ones they love?

Rottweiler and Home Security Their Role as Watchdogs
  • 17.11.2023
  • 854

Rottweiler and Home Security: Their Role as Watchdogs When it comes to home security, having a reliable and dependable watchdog is crucial In recent years, Rottweilers have gained popularity as excellent guard dogs Their unique set of characteristics and traits make them ideal for the task of protecting your home and loved ones In this article, we will explore the role Rottweilers play in home security and why they are considered one of the best choices for this important responsibility Characteristics and Traits: Rottweilers are known for their robust physical appearance, dark coat, and powerful stature

Dachshund Breed Specific Rescue Stories and Happy Endings
  • 17.11.2023
  • 507

Dachshund Breed-Specific Rescue Stories and Happy Endings Dachshunds, more commonly known as wiener dogs, are famous for their unique body shape and spunky personality These adorable little canines with their long bodies, short legs, and expressive eyes have managed to capture the hearts of dog lovers worldwide Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the breed, many Dachshunds end up abandoned, neglected, or in need of rescue This is where breed-specific rescues step in to save the day Breed-specific rescues are organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehoming specific dog breeds, and Dachshund-focused rescues are no exception

Labrador Retriever Puppy Meets Brother Ten Times Older Than Him for First Time#3
  • 16.11.2023
  • 572

Imagine a curious and energetic Labrador Retriever puppy; he wags his tail enthusiastically as he approaches his big brother. The older brother, who is more experienced and a little calmer, may observe the energetic puppy with a mixture of curiosity and patience. The puppy displays playful behavior by trying to engage the older dog in a game of chase or playfully nibbling on its ears or paws.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Meets Brother Ten Times Older Than Him for First Time
  • 16.11.2023
  • 403

Labrador Retriever Puppy Meets Brother Ten Times Older Than Him for First Time

When Daddy Say "Yes" - Funny and Cute Dog and Owner Moments
  • 14.11.2023
  • 488

Dogs are wonderful beings, they really make you forget all your problems, unless the idea of doing something else arises for you, that's why we love them! Nothing in the world is like a dog

When your dog become brother . Cute dogs and little friends
  • 14.11.2023
  • 574

Many people refer to their dogs as "fur babies" or consider them as furry siblings to their human family members. Dogs often bring joy, love, and a sense of companionship that can be similar to the bonds we share with human family members. The idea of a dog as a brother highlights the close and familial connection you feel, emphasizing the depth of the relationship. Dogs have a remarkable ability to form strong emotional bonds with their human companions, and it's heartening to see people recognize and appreciate the unique companionship that dogs provide. Cherish those moments with your canine sibling and continue building a strong and loving bond with them. ?❤️

Skippy Begging A LOT for a Cookie!!
  • 12.11.2023
  • 184

Skippy seems to REALLY LOVE carrot cake cookies! He didn't stop begging and sat like a prairie dog forever!! So funny! You can also see her little sister Sarah running around in the background. What you don't see is that he licks it at the end, I should have put that in the video. Don't let his begging fool you, he gets treats every day!! ;) Note: There is no chocolate in this cookie.