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Welcome to The Antelope Valley Birth Resource Network (AVBRN.)  We are a group of like-minded birth professionals who have decided to work together for the betterment of pregnant women and their families in our community.

About Our Mission Statement

First, we are true professionals who are committed to providing you with the highest quality service, care, education, and birth support in the valley.  We service Palmdale, Lancaster, Rosamond, Edwards Air Force Base, Tehachapi, and the surrounding unincorporated areas.  The women and men of the valley are highly skilled professionals who demand a high standard of care.

Second, setting a high standard for prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal care requires a dedication to our colleagues and to you, the families we support.  To that end, we all work under a strict standard of practice and hold ourselves to a code of ethics.  We are more than happy to provide you with a copy of our standards, explain the benefits, and discuss what it means for you.

Additionally, we feel that part of our duty is to provide you with the means to make an educated decision.  That’s why every member of AVBRN is not only trained but certified to provide you with excelled care.  We believe that a tenet of professionalism is working to achieve certification in our field and maintaining that standard through peer review and ongoing continuing education.

Finally, we also believe that the families of our community deserve nothing less, which is why we consider it an honor to mentor the next generation of birth workers to uphold those same high ideals.

Down to Earth

However, holding such high standards requires us to be grounded.  We understand that having your baby is a deeply personal time, second only to actually making your baby. The same passion that got the baby in is what gets the baby out.  We get that.

You want to make sure that your doula, midwife, and childbirth educator is someone you’re comfortable with, because you’re going to be sharing some pretty intimate moments and asking some crazy questions.  Don’t worry; we won’t judge your decisions or try and talk you into something you don’t want.  We have a vested interest in you.  Making sure you achieve the birth you desire is our job.  We’ll educate you, arm you with questions to ask, provide you with alternate solutions, but ultimately you’re in charge.

The doulas and midwives of AVBRN follow a different path.  Let us show you.